Session Manager

Companies typically have a diverse set of communications products within their corporate intranet that cannot communicate with each other. A standard signaling protocol is needed so these diverse products can work together. Avaya has adopted the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as that signaling protocol for communication.
Avaya Aura™Session Manager is a SIP routing and integration tool and the core component within the Avaya Aura™ Enterprise Edition solution. It integrates all the SIP entities across the entire enterprise network within a company. Session Manager offers a new perspective on enterprise communication where individual locations are no longer managed as separate units within the enterprise. Each location, branch, or application is part of the overall enterprise, managed as an enterprise, and seen as an enterprise. Session Manager offers a simplified network-wide feature deployment; centralized routing, SIP trunking, and user profiles; cost-effective scalability (from small to very large deployments); high availability with geographic redundancy; and a secure environment that conforms to specific SIP standards and practices. Session Manager offers a core communication service that builds on existing equipment but adds a SIP-based architecture.

With Aura Release 7, QuarkPS can help you:

  • Enhance your network security

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership

  • Expand your SIP deployments to 250,000 users and 350,000 devices

QuarkPS has extensive experience in working with Avaya to provide custom solutions for the Aura platform. Avaya Aura Session Manager, the core of Avaya’s SIP-based architecture, is a key element of these solutions.

Session Manager serves as your core for enterprise engagement, enabling you to unify media, networks, devices, applications, and real-time presence across a common infrastructure. You get on-demand access to services and applications that define the engagement experience: video, conferencing, communications enablement, session management, presence, instant messaging, and telephony.

Training is minimal for Aura 7 upgrades, as Avaya Site Administration still supports most functions. System Manager provides role-based access control to allow users access to only those areas they’re authorized to use. Having both Site Administrator and System Manager allows your administrators to learn System Manager at their own pace or with minimal training. QuarkPS offers classes for those who want to start working with Session Manager / Session Border Controllers, or we can provide professional services as needed.