• Agent scripting tool for Inbound calls integrated to Elite and Oceana. Agent wording and call flows may be implemented by a supervisor and agents receives right wording based on the data collected on IVR and retrieved
    from CRM systems. Agents can answer phone calls using customer name in first sentences and start conversation based on the reason of the call. No need to be expert agent since scripting guides agent to right direction in
    conversation. Proper resolution codes are assigned to call and managers will have a better and clear understanding about the reason of call. Lowers the ACH and increases the FCR.
  • Agent Scripting integrated to Outbound call: works with conjunction to POM Desktop or Oceana. Whether it is a dept collection outbound campaign or just informative outbound call agent will know how to start the conversation,
    customer will feel privileged since call will start with his / her name or any unique customer data. All conversations will be standardized so the quality of the call will not be based on agent experience and supervisors or business
    managers will decide options based on customer responses. Works great with both Avaya POM desktop and Oceana Workspace.
  • Different scripting configurations may be mapped to different inbound operations or outbound campaigns.