You are The Reason We’ve Converged

It’s all about you.

QPS International BV is an Authorized Reseller and a Registered Professional Service Partner of Avaya located in the Netherlands, with a branch office in Turkey.

With a multi-language skilled staff, QPS provides in many countries globally a full range of service options to enterprises worldwide backed by expert consultants, experienced engineers and application developers, to maximize your existing investments and helps you continually align technology with the changing needs of your employees and customers throughout your business and technology life-cycle.

Enabling clients to achieve the full benefits of technology by;

  • Removing complexity
  • Improving performance,
  • Minimizing risk
  • Accelerating ROI

Our principles are;

  • Customer first
  • Knowledge is important, always one step ahead!
  • We create Services not APPS
  • Urgency and Importance is our focus
  • Problem-solving as Core Value
  • Tailored Solution Partnership
  • Modern Practices
  • Human-Friendly Environment
  • We start with Less and Iterate

Quality and Professionalism in Services