Implementing Avaya Breeze with QuarkPS

By partnering with QuarkPS to manage Avaya’s Breeze application and manage it, you will work with Avaya’s area Partner; This means that you will maximize Breeze’s full potential.

With Breeze, you can control how information flows through your organization. It allows you to extract data from conversations, interactions and transactions. It gives you the tools you need to make employees more efficient and engage the right resources at the right time. But if not properly executed, the exact opposite could occur.

Whether it’s the ability to build custom apps simply and easily, or to easily deploy and maintain pre-built snap-in options, you can be sure that by working with QuarkPS all the many possibilities that Avaya Breeze promises will be delivered.

What can be done with Avaya Breeze?

For engaging customers with mobile and web, you can integrate click-to-call or video chat to your contact center directly from a mobile app or your web site.

You can personalize web pages by adding guided browsing, shared control and secure form filling.

For conferencing, users can now call a single number as well as using speech-driven access to join any conference scheduled on their Outlook calendar.

Inbound and outbound caller ID can be enhanced to improve call pickup rates as well as delivering better information about the caller.

You can provide your teams the ability to manage and prioritize inbound calls and communication, as well as trigger voice and text alerts to the right people.